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This month, we had a lot of unexpected changes to deal with. The hurricane hit many of our members hard. Some are still unable to return to their homes, some are yet without power, others sustained heavy damage to property. 

To the best of our knowledge, no one was hurt. We encourage CBS members on Facebook to use the “Facebook Safety Check”  - mark yourself safe, and let friends/family know the latest. We’d love to hear from folks on their status, too - CLICK HERE to send us an email, and let us know how things are, please...

Our small community of artisans and friends suffered quite a hit from all this. Sometimes, trying to get back to a little bit of normal life helps - and in that spirit, we will hold our October meeting at the Coastal Georgia Center as scheduled. We still have a gallery show to do, and the show must go on! 

We hope to see as many of you as can possibly attend - though we know many are still struggling with clean up and recovery efforts. Maybe you haven’t felt much like beading - maybe this event has inspired new pieces your didn’t plan. Maybe it will just be nice to see your friends, and hug them again! If you are able to make your way to us, we will be thrilled to see you! 


You can now download our membership form HERE! Please fill out and bring to the next meeting along with your dues, or make arrangements with our Membership Chair to mail it in - Thanks!

Next Regular Meeting WELCOME BACK!! Our next regular meeting will be Friday, October 21st, 12-2:00!

Its our annual Salad Social Meeting, so don’t forget to bring a suitable salad item along with whatever you have been working on this summer :)  We also anticipate seeing your beautiful bead challenge creations!

And - Dont Forget - Bead in at John Wesley Villas on the following Thursday, October 27th. Bring your lunch! :)

This meeting, we will be going over even more details about our upcoming SPACE GALLERY EXHIBIT - Coastal Bead Society has been invited to exhibit our work at the SPACE Gallery for the month of December! For more details, email our President, Tana

We are collecting a large number of pieces for our gallery show! If you are entering pieces into this show, you must complete an entry form FOR EACH PIECE you wish to enter. Download a .pdf of the entry form HERE

Please bring your Gallery exhibit pieces to the meetig to be photographed!

Diane Fitzgerald’s return marred by Matthew...

Due to the intrusion of Hurricane Matthew, travel plans were disrupted nation-wide. We will update you on cancelled class details at our earliest convenience.  

Here’s a peek at the classes she will be teaching us!
 CLICK HERE to see slides of Diane’s Powerpoint about her new work...

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