Beads We Know, with a Twist - SuperDuo, SuperDuo 2, Super Uno, Super 8


This is a link to a Bead & Button blog from late in 2012 by Connie, one of their contributing editors. And, her picture does a GREAT job of showing you the difference in how her samples worked with Twins, SuperDuo’s, and the “SuperDuo 2” beads differ dramatically side by side!

Once upon a bead time…..

We first worked with SuperDuo’s in early winter of 2014, and back then (haha!) there was only realy SuperDuo’s, “SuperDuo2", and Twins in this class of 2 holed beads. 

Duos and knockoffs

Beads like this generally are sort of oval shaped, and have 2 holes. SuperDuo’s have more of a “pinch” in their ends than their oval buddies, the Twins. And “SuperDuo 2”, as they are sometimes called, are made by a completely different manufacturer - so they really aren’t SuperDuo’s at all, but a bigger 3mm wide instead of 2.5mm wide bead. (and internet searching did not tell us WHO makes these wider ones…?) The few “SuperDuo 2’s" that I have gotten hands on were by accident from - and back at the time, even folks there were not aware that it was a different company and different product!

Traditional SuperDuo’s are 2.5mm x 5mm. Their tips are thin. Did you notice the thickness of the ends of the bigger beads in the link? Look at the picture on the left - those 2 beads are the SAME COLOR - chalk lazure blue. The left beads are SuperDuos, the beads on the right are the “2’s”. The beads on the right clearly are thicker at the tips than the SuperDuo’s.  These beads are 3mm wide instead of 2.5mm. And as you can tell from the linked article above - it makes a BIG difference when you work with them, impacting the final project’s size quite noticeably. One of the great things about SuperDuos is how nicely they fit together - and the difference was noticable immediately when I tried to mix the bigger ones, as their tips do not taper nearly as nicely. 

Unos and DuosSuper8 Beads

Not that it’s a bad thing - they are lovely beads too - but, you need to be aware of the difference, especially if you are using them and your pattern just isn’t working out. And, now that people know they are not from the same manufacturer, they are viewed as something of a “knock off”, and aren’t that popular. Guess there’s something to the old phrase “ain’t nuthin’ like the real thing, baby”….!  

Now, on to SuperUnos’s: Pictured here at the left, SuperUno's are almost the same as SuperDuos, with 1 big difference: they only have 1 hole instead of 2. They are great to use on the ends of fringe or outside edges of your project as a decorative finish bead. See the 2nd photo for a side by side comparison with Duos.

The 3rd photo down is slightly different - these beads are called Super 8’s, designed by Sabine Lippert. While SuperDuos taper in a bit on the ends, the Super 8 bead has a gentle taper in the middle - making it less wide than its SuperDuo counterpart. It measures only 2.2mm x 4.7mm, making these a more delicate 2 hole bead than its bigger cousins. It has a graceful “pinch” in the center, giving it almost a Figure 8 shape, hence the name! 

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