Bigger Beads: Glass Studs, Tipps, and 2 Holed Cabs

20151027 205719

Boy, pyramids have some new friends - introducing the new glass stud pyramid sizes, and their close cousin, the Tipp bead!

6mmpyramid20151027 211323

We first worked with 12mm glass stud pyramids in the project you see in the last photo. They are 12mm x 12mm, with 2 holes in them. And at first, these were the only sizes we could get. 

Then, an 8x8mm version came along. The 12mm are on the far right of the top picture, and the 8mm are in the center. Note the 2nd picture down… the 8mm pyramids only stand about 6mm high - and the 12mm are 8-10mm high. 

There are now smaller studs, yet, as you can see in the top picture on the far left -the shiny green ones. These smaller studs are roughly 6x6mm in size. 

All these have 2 holes in them of course, and after working with all 3 styles, I’d have to say the smaller 6mm ones are more regular and easier to work with than the larger ones in some respects - especially where regularity in size is concerned. The smaller ones seem to have more color choices available, too. 

The 3rd picture down is a newcomer  - the Tipp bead. It is an 8mm round 2 holed pyramid, of sorts. Its very much like the small spikes you would see on a dog collar or punk rock style leather bracelet. And it offers a whole new world of design possiblities! Take a look at the November Palmetto Electric Project for a Tipp’s pattern- you will get to work with these Tipp beads as centers in some lovely mandala style snowflakes!

2 hole Cabs are like Tipps, except that they are rounded domes instead of spikes. Once we have some to play with, a picture will be added of them to this list. 

All of these beads have flat backs, and therefore can be easily used in both structural beadwork and dimensional bead embroidery. 

pyramids first pic

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