Czech Mates System Beads: QuadraTiles

2015-10-20 14.22.21

These little 4 hole beauties are what we will be working with when Diane Fitzgerald comes back in October 2016!  if you have never taken a class with her before, we encourage you to do so - she’s GREAT! 

Click here for more info on Diane’s return to Coastal Bead Society!

These beads are part of the CzechMates series, but more closely related to the lentils and triangles than they are to bricks and tiles. Notice that the holes run through these in a bit of an unconventional way than what most beaders are used to - hence, there are limited patterns out there what show how to work with them. 

In personally playing with them, I find that they make darling tiny components that you can put between larger elements. Nicole Starman is a good gal to type into Google - she helped develop and import the beads in this system, and has lovely creations on the Starman website that combines these beads with others to create some really neat stuff. To see more, click here.

Did you notice that 1 cream/tan colored bead missing a corner? 

QuadraTiles are a bit weaker at the corners, so be careful not to drop them on hard floors or handle your tube of them roughly! We recommend culling through these beads before you start to make sure you don’t include one in your project that could be missing a hole you need. 

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