Crescent Moons vs Half Moons

2015-10-20 14.25.20

Pictured at left you see 2 different kinds of beads: 

Czech Half Moons, and Czech Crescent Moons. 

It may be hard to tell from the picture, but these beads are actually very different from each other. 

See the crescents, on their sides? They are the black, silver, and copper beads. These taper from the outside edge to the center - sort of like the wedge of an orange. The outside edge - the convex curve side -  is wide…. but the inside edge - the concave side - is tapered down thin. This allows these beads to be worked into round barrel tubes and other fun shapes. 

The purple and white beads, on the other hand, are Czech Half Moons. Half Moons are more like sliced bread than orange wedges - their thickness is the same on both the inside and outside of the wedge. You can easily see this in the picture, or if you hold 1 of each next to each other. 

Now, these are both fairly new beads, and there isn’t a whole lot on the internet for patterns with them yet, so you will likely have to experiment with these beads to see how they work and interact with others.

Of the few patterns out there that we did see…You can take a class in Florida with Marcia Balonis, but she will be unable to provide written patterns til after the Bead & Button Show. And, Beadaholique has this cute earring pattern with them, its a video on YouTube - click to go to their page:

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