Czech Mates System Beads: Bricks & Tiles

20151027 210620

The beads shown here are part of the CzechMates Bead System - and they are called Tiles and Bricks. 

Look near the left of the photo. You will see that Bricks are half the size of their Tile counterparts, just as Tilas/Half Tilas are. 

The main difference is that these are a much more rounded bead, as compared to the sharp corners of the Tila type beads. Bricks and Tiles work well together in peyote stitch, brick stitch, square stitch and create a similar bead “fabric” to that of what Tila’s make. 

Some places sell Half Bricks in a tube, others in a strand, but both seem to contain the exact same amount of beads. And since they are all part of the Czech Mates system, they are available in the same colors and coatings as all the beads in the system - making matching colors for projects a snap! the size on these is a little larger than a Tila/Half Tila - closer to 3x6mm and 6x6mm. They are also quite a bit thicker. 

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