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As many of you are becoming aware, the 2-or-more-holed bead craze is taking the jewelry world by storm! Flip through magazines like Beadwork, Bead & Button, Perlen Poesie....and you will see design after stunning new design that are only made possible now because we have beads that have more than 1 hole to work with! 

This lovely 2 sided Potomac Bead Co. card was provided to us courtesy of Diane F, and gives you a look at all the new shapes that have come out in the bead world in the last 3 or so years. Great reference card - thanks so much, Diane!


There are a number of shapes available to us now, as a slew of new shapes hit stores last summer and fall - the new beads were  so popular, and the coatings people so busy with all of them, that many shapes were back ordered before beaders could even get a look at them or try them out! Things settled down, eventually, as the coatings folks caught up with demand, and even more shapes were introduced to the market.


The array of new shapes and coatings now available is dizzying: we have worked already with our friends Super Duos, Tilas & Half Tilas, Glass stud pyramids, and Triangles & Quadratiles with Diane F - but now there are Mini Duos, Super Unos, Super Duo 2s, O's, Squares, Ones, RounDuos, Kheops, Tangos, Tipps, Czechmates of all sorts, Infinity Beads, Infinity Bars, Crescent Moons, Piggy Beads, QuadraLentils, Diamond Duos, Crystallettes… 

Good Grief, look at that card - just covered with new shapes and sizes… 
Where does a header even begin? 

Well, how about starting right here, with Coastal Bead Society? Our members have been taking classes that incorporate new shapes and techniques with them since SuperDuos and Tilas hit the local market!

Locally, Epiphany Beads in Savannah, and Beads on Cannon in Charleston are 2 stores that we know carry 2 holed beads. Online, you can find them at Fire Mountain,, various Etsy and eBay retaillers, and Potomac Bead Company. Some are even showing up at stores like Michaels, AC Moores & Hobby Lobby. If you know of other local stores, or have a favorite online supplier, please let us know so we can include them in our supplier links area!

Is there a new shape you have questions about? Have you recently stumbled across something new & cool on your travels, and want to share it with the group? Click here to Email our webmaster!

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