Meet Mini Duos!

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2015 is the summer of Minions and Mini Duos!

What is a MiniDuo, you ask?

Well, check out the 1st photo , and you will see some next to their SuperDuo counterparts :)

MiniDuos are smaller versions of SuperDuos, and only 2x4mm instead of 2.5x5mm in size. They are available in all the colors & coatings that SuperDuos are, and they are just darling!

Finding patterns for them is at the moment isn't easy - For now, a few sites just tell you to make your same favorite SuperDuo patterns with Minis instead to make smaller versions.

Buuuttttt....that doesn't always work out! 

Remember the lovely earrings/pendants we made at a meeting, when Duos, Twins, and Tilas first appeared in our area last year?

That pattern only works well because the SuperDuo and Tila are the same size- 5mm. Changing ALL the Supers to Minis won't work well in this pattern - changing the 3 in the center, however, and leaving the outer ones alone works just fine.  Other patterns that use more seed beads might be better suited to this substitution, as you can change 8° to 11°, 11° to 15°, and make crystals smaller, and so on.

So, since there wasnt much to go on, I played & made a couple samples with these Minis to try them out and see how they work! We will also work with them at the November Palmetto Electric class. 

First, I took a lovely pattern from a magazine, and modified the heck out of it! It's a pattern by Barbara Falkowitz & Amy Haftkowycz, found on page 38 of the Aug/Sept 2015 issue of Beadwork Magazine. (pictured at bottom left) I made a bracelet instead of a necklace, and added more substantial edging and embellishments on top. Compare the original piece (bottom left photo) with my modified version (bottom right photo)

Notice that you can tell the difference in size easily by seeing the 2 types of beads next to each other. But the smaller size of the MiniDuo allows you to make more delicate embellishments than its bigger counterpart.

MiniDuos also work well on edging with their SuperDuo counterparts, as you can see in the top right picture. This pattern is submitted, so I can only show an extreme close up detail, but, you get the general idea :)

Locally, I have found MiniDuos at Beads on Cannon in Charleston. Online you can get them at,, Etsy resellers, and others have them available.

And, here is a link to the 3 other MiniDuos patterns I did see, from a post in Beading Daily :)...

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Get some of these sweet little beads, and try them out! 

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