Stackable & Precise: Tila and Half Tila Beads

tila and halft ila1tila half tila 2

Last year, we met Tilas and Half Tilas in a couple different projects. With 2 holes, and the Half Tilas so precisely fitting with the regular ones, they are ideal for peyote stitch! 

The Tila is 5x5 mm, and its little brother Half Tila is 5x2.3mm. There is a distinctive top an bottom to them, as you can see in the 2nd picture. The tops have lines where the holes are, and bottoms are flat. 

See how nicely 2 Half Tilas appear next to the full size ones? That 2.3mm measurement is more likely 2.2mm before coatings are applied. Some coatings do not affect the size of these at all, like AB coatings. Others, like the rose gold on the end, affect the size slightly - although it does not seem to impact designs as much as it does with SuperDuos. Each coating behaves a bit differently, so as always, experiment with things a bit!

CzechMates are thicker, bigger, and rounded - Tilas and Half Tilas in stark contrast are sharp and crisp, right angled, and lock in together nice and snug. Tila and Half Tilas are perfect for peyote, brick stitch, and other angular stitches to create 3D shapes. When used in peyote, as in bracelets, they create a slinky and fluid bracelet “fabric” of sorts that feels very nice on the wrist!

tila half tila 3deco duos 2

Some of you may remember seeing these projects in the last 2 pictures, but on the left, we see Tilas and Half Tilas worked in peyote stitch… and on the right, we see Tilas worked in a modified square stitch. 

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