How-To Videos


The web is a great place to find videos that help you with beading and stringing techniques. Here's a few videos that are great for beginners  - sometimes, its easier to understand a technique when you see it being done. And YouTube is great - you can always pause and start it as you need to, so you can work along with the video!

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Bead & Button

Bead & Button has a number of great tutorials on their site. All you have to do is register (which is free!) to get access to all sorts of great video tutorials. If you subscribe, you can use the information on your magazine label to make an account - but you do not need to be a subscriber to access the videos, only a registered user on the site. Videos there include Peyote (even, odd, flat, & circular), Ndebele Herringbone Stitch, Netting, Right Angle Weave, St. Petersburg Chain, Square Stitch, and some basics light using stop beads, ending or adding thread, ladder stitches, and much more. A fabulous video archive!

Beadwork Magazine

Like Bead & Button, there are lots of great how-to videos on this magazine's site. Click on the link above, and you can explore their blog, find videos you can access to learn beading and stringing, mixed media, and metal-working techniques, and much more. And while you’re there, don’t forget to sign up for their daily newsletter, Beading Daily, for more great tips, tricks, and techniques- delivered right to your inbox!

Fire Mountain Gems

Fire Mountain has some amazing videos on their site. They don't have a lot of bead weaving videos, but there are loads of other jewelry techniques. Explore their site further, and you will find how to’s for the projects they print in the catalog, inspiration galleries, and much more. 

NEW!: Potomac Bead Company

Potomac Bead Co has 5 different stores in the Northeast, and carries TONS of the new multi-holed bead shapes! Click on their FREE TUTORIALS link up top under where the quantity discounts are listed and feast your eyes on some darling projects to help you get familiar with how to use these little 2 holed wonders! To see what these multi-hole beads look like, check out this great card Diane F shared with us!

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