PANTONE Info you should know...

So, what's a Pantone, anyway?

:-) Pantone is more of a WHO, really. Pantone is the folks who tell us what the hot colors for the year are going to be. Every season, they highlight certain colors as the "IT" colors, colors that make us feel a certain way, inspired by all sorts of things - nature, technology, art, you name it. They actually put a lot of science behind theses predictions. 

And everything related to color takes Pantone's color predictions and runs with it - from fashion designers and clothing to home decor and paints, right down to which colors advertisers use in their campaigns… Pantone is THE word when it comes to color. 

Click HERE to see the materials for the 2015 Bead Challenge, chosen by our members from the top 10 spring/summer 2015 colors!

Below are Pantone links for you - for the spring/summer Fashion colors and the Fall colors, which were just released. These are the colors that clothing designers will be using, so you will want to stock up on beads in these colors and be ready to match your new Easter and Mother's Day outfits! When Pantone releases a new color pallete for the season, you'll be able to find links for it right here on our website :-)

This link will take you off of our website to Pantone's website. When you open these pages, you will see a large image with bars of colors on it. There's a black navigation bar on the top of the image. Click on the "DOWNLOADS" button on the black bar - all you do is give Pantone your name and info, and you can download these reports for FREE :-)

You can keep them on your laptop and refer back to them any time you want to! They are simply .pdf files, about 35 pages or so long, with interviews, color schemes, and sketches by all your favorite fashion designers...

Pantone Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Color Report

Pantone Fall 2015 Fashion Color Report

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